Jaimie Nevins

Email: jaimie.nevins@tamucc.edu
MS student, Fisheries and Mariculture Program

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Jaimie is currently a Wildlife Specialist with the United States Department of Agriculture – Animal Plant Health Inspection Service – Wildlife Services.

Jaimie Nevins is a M.S. student in the Fisheries and Mariculture program.  Her work focuses on characterizing oyster reef communities, specifically within Sabine Lake/Estuary on the Texas Louisiana border.  Sabine Lake is pristine with regards to its large oyster reef complex, having no record of commercial harvest as far back as the 1960’s.   It is likely one of the largest remaining un-fished oyster reefs in the United States.  Jaimie’s project deals with biannual trips to Sabine Lake in order to describe the oyster population structure and community composition of finfishes and macroinvertebrates.  There is the potential for the Louisiana half of the lake to be opened up to commercial oyster harvest.  If this takes place, Jaimie’s project will look to describe and quantify changes in the oyster population as fishing is implemented.  Her project also will aim to quantify the density and diversity of finfish and macro-invertebrates within 3 microhabitats within Sabine Lake: the natural reef complex, nearby non-vegetated bottom, and marsh edge habitats.