Kat Mendenhall

Email: kmendenhall@islander.tamucc.edu
MS student, Fisheries and Mariculture Program

Kat Mendenhall is an M.S. student in the Fisheries and Mariculture program. Her research interests are in fisheries population dynamics and benthic coupling.┬áHer undergraduate work focused on coral competition in the Australian Great Barrier Reef, in addition to Digital Media in Marine Sciences. She’s also been involved with student organizations for years, including the UT Marine Science Club (President) and the TAMUCC Marine Science Graduate Student Organization (Vice President). Kat loves producing videos for school orgs and persuing her hobby of competitive kayak racing around Texas.┬áHer research focuses on black drum in Baffin Bay and an ecosystem-based approach to their management. She works as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Life Sciences under the direction of Drs. Jennifer Pollack and Matt Ajemian. In 2014, she will begin water quality monitoring, benthic analyses and black drum monitoring/telemetry throughout the Baffin Bay complex, performing sampling during different seasons to assess why black drum are being found emaciated. This will help direct better management practices for fishermen and surrounding communities.