Lindsey George

MS student, Marine Biology Program

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Lindsey is currently a Dive Instructor at Texas Dive Center.

Lindsey George is a M.S. student in the Marine Biology program. Her work focuses in oyster reef restoration ecology. Her thesis project will incorporate laboratory and field experiments to assess habitat value of lower cost alternative substrates used in reef restoration (crushed concrete, porcelain, limestone, and river rock, as well as oyster shell) for reef resident fishes and macro-invertebrates. Field studies will utilize replicate trays of each substrate type throughout St. Charles Bay during spring and fall 2012. Trays will be retrieved after three months and assessed for oyster recruitment and health, faunal diversity and density. Laboratory experiments will use paired substrate combinations to observe prey (e.g. brown shrimp, juvenile red drum) substrate choice in the presence and absence of a predator (e.g. pinfish, blue crab). Results may enable future restoration plans to be implemented at a lower cost while providing similar habitat functions.