FAMA 5370 – Mariculture – The goal of this graduate level course is to introduce students to the history, principles and practices in the culture of marine species. We will describe and discuss the history, principles and practices in the culture of marine organisms. Topics include site and species selection, aquatic system design, aquaculture nutrition, diseases and parasites, harvest technologies, marketing and economics, and sustainability issues.

FAMA 5590 / MARB 6590 – Marine Restoration Ecology – The objectives of this graduate level course are to 1) Provide students with an understanding of ecological principles used for restoration of marine, estuarine and coastal ecosystems, 2) Critically evaluate the reasons for marine ecosystem restoration and the role of restoration within the larger context of natural resource management, 3) Understand restoration planning and implementation strategies, and 4) Describe issues (ecological and social) associated with marine ecosystem restoration. Topics include ecological principles for restoration; ecological and evolutionary contexts; ethics, controversy, and debate; and social science and economic perspectives.

BIOL 4436 – Marine Ecology – This course introduces upper-level undergraduate students to marine ecological processes and systems as well as the ecological effects of human activities within the marine environment.  Students will learn knowledge in the field of marine ecology including an understanding of the important processes, ecosystems, and habitats that shape the marine environment as well as current issues and future challenges.  Students will collect, organize, statistically analyze, and interpret field data and summarize interpretations in written form.  Students will also develop critical thinking and communication skills through class discussions and critiques of articles from the primary literature.